Huukan Annual Memberships

Huukan Annual Memberships

Huukan Golf Club
Membership Plans

1 Month:           Single - $800.00                Couple - $1,200.00
3 Month:             Single - $1,400.00             Couple - $1,800.00
6 Month:             Single - $1,600.00             Couple - $2,600.00
Yearly:                  Single - $2,600.00             Couple - $3,600.00

All membership fees give golfing privileges at both Huukan Golf Club and Mojave Resort Golf Club. Members will be complimentary at Huukan Golf Club and Mojave Resort but may require a car fee if booked at Mojave outside of specified booking window below.

PURCHASE BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30th, 2017 AND RECEIVE SPECIAL *PLAYING PRIVILEGES AT MOJAVE RESORT GOLF CLUB* 6 MONTH AND YEARLY MEMBERSHIPS ONLY** Cart fees will be waved. 3 Day booking in all months except February - April these months will be 1.5 days in advance. This means after 12:00pm the day before.  *Availability is subject to change*
Members can utilize private carts with proper licensing and paperwork. 

If you are going to utilize your personal cart the following discounts will be available;

*6 Month Membership $100.00**
*Yearly Membership $200.00**
*If there are two private carts per membership $50.00 discount per cart for 6 month member and $100 per cart for annual**

Huukan offers weekly Men’s & Ladies Clubs
Please read our updated membership loyalty rewards.
Unlimited use of the practice facilities at both golf courses
Each Membership will come receive guest passes as follows;
 *Yearly Membership will receive 8 guest passes*
*6 Month Memberships will receive 4 passes*
Non-Transferable *Rates subject to change